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Nothing Important

I really just wanted to use this AWESOME Bobby!Icon that psychoactivtoad made for me.  It just so happens that my Red Wings are playing right now, heeeee!

Plus, I was screwing around at Picnik during the intermission and came up with this Emo!Dean icon.  Not bad for a first attempt, eh?!


I would've tinted his eyes more green, like the lovely pics I've seen by moondropz & willow_m_w, but I was using the "try it out" version and couldn't figure out how to just tint specific parts instead of the whole picture, d'oh!  I'll play with Picnik some more this weekend. 

Yay for a new toy!!  

ETA: if anyone wants it, feel free to snag (with credit, of course)!
Tags: dean, icons
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